Tuesday, May 4, 2010

See Movies for FREE!!

I love to go to the movies, but MOST of the time it's not in my budget!  I found this great site where you can view movie screenings for FREE!!!! You can check it out here.  You have to put in your zip code and then it will let you know if there are any upcoming movie screenings in your area.  In Savannah, they are having the screening of Letters to Juliet on Sunday, May 9th!! You register and print out your pass.  It does say that the first 100 people are let in so I would suggest you get there early!!  Check it out for your area.


  1. Cool find! I'm in Nashville and they are showing that this weekend too. I know what we'll be doing for Mother's Day! Thanks

  2. Hi..I’m Barb. ..from TTA. I am your newest follower. I hope you will have a chance to go to
    and see if you find something that will inspire you for your family/home and become a follower of mine as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!